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Frugal Franks is your Discount Grocery Store in Fall River, MA

Frugal Franks sells merchandise at EXTREME discount prices. From groceries to office supplies and outdoor furniture to toys, Frugal Franks has everything you need for your home from the brands you trust! We buy truckloads of products at wholesale and pass the price savings along to you. Browse our 3,500 square foot building - you never know what you'll find! Visit us today!

How Do We Do It?

Not sure how we can give you so many items for such great prices? Most of our products are either discontinued or overstocked. We pick up these items and then make sure you get the most competitive prices. As a discount grocery store, we not only get plenty of dry foods, but we also carry a large inventory of Dairy and Frozen. Most of dry groceries are within the "sell by date" however we also get groceries past the sell date. This food doesn't go bad at the sell date, but regular stores aren't allowed to sell it due to government regulations to allow the manufacture to keep a turn over going on. Not until the early 1980's did the US government decide to come out with product dating. No other country has this dating program. United States has the highest amount of food waste. We have been trained by the Food Bank and we are licensed by the Board of Health. Built on tradition we are family-owned and operated, Dawn and Frank are invested in positively impacting the community. We make the unaffordable affordable. Stop letting the government and manufactures lying to you, stop over-paying for groceries- start shopping at Frugal Franks! We sell so much more than just groceries, we have lots of toys, general merchandise, home decor, seasonal, holiday, and occasionally outdoor furniture.

You Never Know What You're Going to Find at Frugal Franks

If you're wondering what all you can find at Frugal Franks in Fall River, MA, the answer is: the kitchen sink and more! Over the years we have had just about everything you can think of in store, including embalming fluid! Ask anyone in the area, you never know what you're going to come across.

We are constantly stocking our shelves throughout the day so you may see an item one minute and then find it gone the next. The possibilities are endless, so come in and browse our huge selection today!

  • Groceries
  • General Merchandise
  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Pet Food/Accessories
  • And More!